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Well-defined sets of reference data are essential to understanding your stored data.  The problem is that everyone (data vendors, oil companies, standards organizations) seems to have their own collection of reference data.  There is no common set of reference data for exchange between organizations.  Without a proper reference data set there’s virtually no chance of creating a clean master data store.


Out of sheer necessity, Oilware has developed a robust set of reference data that we’ve used as part of our well log database client installations.  Recognizing the importance of accurate, robust reference data, we are now offering this reference data as a standalone product.


Fundamental Reference Data


  • ​Units of Measure mnemonics, aliases, equivalences, conversions

  • Property Types

Well Log Related

  • Curve Mnemonics, Classifications, and Properties

  • Tool Codes and Descriptions

  • Parameter Mnemonics, Classifications, and Aliases

  • Other reference data as necessary to support data loading


  • PPDM 

  • Energistic's Epicentre

  • Client Specific


  • Code sets from multiple sources are reported, along with user-reported quality indicators (preferences, usage statistics, confidence) – unbiased, ranked by users

  • Associations (equivalences, aliases, classifications, conversions) within and across code sets are provided

  • Highly configurable delivery

  • Ready to load into system of choice (PPDM, OpenWorks, GeoFrame, ...)‏

  • Suitable for review / reporting

  • One BU's codes are another BU's aliases

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