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Oilware has earned the reputation as a trusted leader in well log data interchange. We have utilized our powerful well log data tools and extensive subject matter expertise within a proven framework to develop robust data management solutions.  


EzTools is our premier set of well log data transformation tools. Industry standard well log interchange formats can be read and converted to your preferred well log format.  In use for more than two decades, EzTools is an evergreen solution which has evolved to handle the data interchange formats and variations of well log formats encountered over those many years.  Learn More


EzTools Database Loader provides a rich set of data loading and quality control tools for loading well log data using your business rules into your proprietary database or an industry-standard PPDM data model.  Learn More


The importance of reference data when building a master data store cannot be overstated. Accurate and complete sets of reference data are essential to understanding your data.  With no common set of reference data for exchange between organizations, Oilware has developed a robust set of reference data and translations that we provide to our Database Loader clients.  Now we are offering this valuable reference data set with or without our full database solution. Learn More


Managing the large volume of data our modern oil and gas properties generate is an arduous task.  Loading data is just the first step.  Correct and complete reference data is essential to ensure understanding of the data.  Considering the sheer volume and many sources of data today, assessing the gaps or inaccuracies in the database becomes yet another challenge to managing a master data store.  Oilware’s data managers are well versed in detecting and resolving these issues.  Learn More


Oilware is available to help solve our client’s unique data management challenges.  Learn more about the various technical consulting services we provide.  Learn More

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