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Oilware’s mission is to provide high quality data management software products, consulting, and conversion services to our clients.  Our focus has been to provide these products and services to the Petroleum Industry. Although most of our clients are in the energy sector, our services are increasingly requested by companies in all types of industries.

Oilware's staff possess a wealth of experience with software design and implementation. Areas of expertise include well log analysis, multi-user database design, graphic systems, data transfer formats, and real time data acquisition systems.

Our software products are designed to fit our clients' needs without including unnecessary components.  Basically, we don't make our clients license software they don't need. This stream-lined approach represents a significant cost savings to our customers.

Our software has been successfully incorporated into end user software packages by many companies and are now in use throughout the world.

Oilware has been active in standards organizations impacting our client community including, most notably, API, PPDM and Energistics.   Oil Industry Standards work includes participation in the development of:

  • API RP66/DLIS - member of this sub-committee since it was created in the late 1980's and has served as the Data Format task group chairman since 1994. 

  • WellLogML - In 1999, was instrumental in the development of the new Energistics XML standard for Well Log Data Interchange published in 2000.

  • Practical Well Log Standards Committee (Energistics)- member and contributor since 2000. This standard covers well log curve identification and classification across the major well log data suppliers.

  • PPDM 3.7 Well Log Model - Chairman of the PPDM Well Logs Work Group in 2002 and 2003. This workgroup updated and substantially revised the Well Log sub-model of PPDM 3.6 for release in PPDM3.7.  The revised Well Log submodel has remained virtually unchanged through PPDM 3.8 and the current 3.9 data models. 

  • PPDM Association – Member of the Modeling Committee since 2005.  Participation in this committee is by invitation only, and the members are responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the fundamental principles governing the architecture of the PPDM data model.

  • Energistics Unit of Measure Standard – Member of the workgroup which revised the original POSC V2.2 Unit of Measure Standard (released in 2006) for Energistics.  The standard was significantly modified and was published as Energistics Unit of Measure Standards V1.0 in June 2014.

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