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Oilware's Log Indexing Agent (LIA) is the ultimate tool for collecting well log related data directly from your computer directories.  LIA traverses the directory structure, scanning files, creating a complete index of your well log related data. 

Oilware utilizes our powerful well log data tools and extensive subject matter expertise within a proven framework to develop robust data management solutions.  


  • Handles Complex Directory Structures

  • Identifies all types of files based on the file content, not just the file extension.

  • Creates index of all files identified.

  • Processes all Well Log Files to create a detailed index of the content.

  • Optional loading of Well Log Files to a proprietary or PPDM based Well Log Database


  • LIA allows for quick sorting sorting through a large number of files to identify well log data files.

  • LIA interrogates file content to identify well log data files rather than simply using file extensions.

  • For new databases, LIA is a valuable tool for initial database loading.

  • Use LIA as a scheduled process to keep well log databases up to date.

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