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Oilware utilizes our powerful well log data tools and extensive subject matter expertise within a proven framework to develop robust data management solutions.  

EzTools is a rich set of data interchange and management tools for well log data. Industry standard well log interchange formats can be read and converted to your preferred well log format.  


The EzTools software suite can also be configured to load a relational database.  See our Database Loader page for more information.


  • Convert from digital well log data interchange formats.  

    • DLIS - Digital Log Interchange Standard

    • LIS - Log Information Standard

    • BIT - Atlas Basic Information Tape

    • LAS - Log ASCII Standard

    • WellLogML - Energistics XML Well Log Interchange Standard

    • XTF & AFF - Proprietary Formats

    • Various ASCII formats

  • Selective conversion/data loading based upon::

    • FILE -  Sub-files within a DLIS, LIS or BIT file.

    • FRAME - Groups of curves with the same acquisition characteristics.

    • DEPTH INTERVAL - Restrict curve values to the interval of interest.

    • CURVE - Only convert the curves of interest.

    • PARAMATER - Select and edit parameters for output.

  • Supports renaming of CURVES or PARAMETERS

  • Supports changing of UOMs for CURVES

  • Available for Windows or Linux platforms

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