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Preserving legacy data is a high priority for most organizations.  These valuable assets must be protected before they become irretrievable through media deterioration or format obsolescence.  Oilware has the capability to transcribe most media types and industry formats to current industry standards.

Oilware has the experience and specialized equipment to handle legacy media issues including physical damage or deteriorating tapes.   We are able to handle large or small tape projects.  We have performed many tape/media transcription projects for clients from a wide array of industries. Learn more.


Oilware utilizes our powerful data tools and extensive subject matter expertise to provide expert data format conversion services. Our understanding of the complexities of the data formats combined with a familiarity with real world anomalies that often exist in the data enable Oilware to offer high quality, efficient, affordable data conversion services.  Learn more. 

Oilware utilizes our powerful data tools and subject matter expertise to provide expert data format and media conversion services.  We have been around the block and we've seen a thing or two.  Over the years we have developed methods for handling deteriorating legacy media.  We have been able to recover data from some of the most unlikely conditions and obscure formats. 
We are passionate about the preservation of valuable data assets.
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