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About Oilware
Oilware, Inc. is a software development and consulting firm. Our mission is to provide high quality software products, consulting and conversion services to our clients. Our focus has been to provide these services to the Petroleum Industry. Although are clients are primarily energy industry related, our services and utilities are increasingly requested by companies in all types of industries.

Oilware has been providing quality software products and services since 1986. Oilware's staff has years of experience with software design and implementation. Areas of expertise include well log analysis, multi-user database design, graphic systems, data transfer formats, and real time data acquisition systems.

One of Oilware's principal product lines is our EzTools software suite. Oilware developed this suite of well log data conversion tools for use in the Petroleum Industry. Our EzTools software suite includes several "application bundles" designed to fit our clients' needs without including components that are not required. Basically, we don't make our clients license software they don't need. This stream-lined approach represents a significant cost savings to our customers. Functionality for various well log data conversions is available by first selecting an appropriate application bundle and adding additional components (if required). Several well log data conversion options are available including the following:

bullet DLIS to ASCII (LAS, LBS, and any other ASCII format)
bullet DLIS to LIS
bullet LIS to ASCII
bullet LIS to LIS
bullet BIT to ASCII
bullet BIT to LIS
bullet ASCII to LIS
bullet ASCII to DLIS

Oilware has also developed a line of subroutine libraries. Our libraries include: LIS/PAK (a subroutine library for reading or writing the LIS Industry Standard tape format), BIT/PAK ( a subroutine library for reading the Western Atlas BIT format), and ASC/PAK ( a C/C++ library for reading and writing various ASCII formatted log data files). Oilware's most recent addition to our subroutine library product line is an RP66 data access library called DM/Interchange. This library is composed of C/C++ classes and can be used to facilitate the transfer of data in DLIS, Geoshare, POSC Exchange Format (PEF), or any other data model encoded using the RP66 standard. (Oilware was directly represented on the API D9 Subcommittee which developed DLIS and RP66.)

These subroutine libraries have been successfully incorporated into end user software packages by many companies and are now in use throughout the world. For a partial list of Oilware clients, visit our Clients page.


EzTools is a PPDM Certified Product.

TapeID*Pro has been updated and enhanced significantly.

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